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Thermoshutter – Horizontal Air Curtain

Thermoshutter – Horizontal Air Curtain

Thermoshutter is a new horizontal air curtain developed by Mayekawa for cold rooms, industrial freezers and coolers. The high-performance air flow keeps the cool air from going out of cold rooms and preventing warm/hot air and moist from coming into the cold rooms. It helps to improve the quality control of goods stored in the cold rooms. It is 75% efficiency improved compared to unprotected doors. While it prevents warm air going through the cold rooms, it decreases the frequency of defrosting and it also prevents insects & dust from entering the cold rooms. There is no more worries about future facility investment.

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Thermoshutter brochure (351KBPDF document)


  • Energy saving
  • Quality improvment of stored products
  • Reduction of defrosting frequency
  • Hygenic
  • Cutting down further facility investment


Customised design is also available. Please contact our office for details of YOUR Thermoshutter