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Energy Efficiency & Environmentaly Friendly

Energy Efficiency & Environmentaly Friendly

Mayekawa offers many energy saving solutions for buildings and plants across the building services and industrial and commercial refrigeration industries.

The combination of environmental benefits of Mayekawa heat pumps include:

  • Use of renewable and waste energy sources
  • Reduced CO2 emissions
  • Reduced ODP (Ozone Depletion Potential) through the use of natural refrigerants
  • High quality hot water combined with chilling capabilities
  • Increase COP through low energy absorption

Heat pumps featuring air, water or ammonia heat source lead to energy savings by harnessing renewable heat sources or extracting energy from wast heat.

  • unimo (air or water heat source) is a CO2 transcritical heat pump capable of heat water up to 100°C as well providing chilled water below 10°C.
    unimo is ideal for facilities requiring large volumes of high quality hot water and cooling purposes such as hotels, dormitories, universities and food processing plants.
  • Ammonia heat pumps can extract energy from air or water heat sources or piggy back on existing refrigeration systems to increase the efficiency of your building or plant by saving energy and reducing emissions.
  • Mayekawa’s Adsorption Chiller AdRef Noa uses water as the refrigerant and has an extremely low absorbed power as no compressor is used.