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Pascal Air – Air refrigeration system

Pascal Air is the ultimate in natural refrigeration capable of achieving temperatures as low as -100°C.

The air we breathe is used as the ‘refrigerant’ in this case, using a unique internal compressor-expander turbine, Pascal Air produces cold air which is simply ducted to the refrigeration space.


  • Eliminate evAir refrigeration system Pascal Airaporators, air coolers and fans from the freezer.
  • No defrosting of freezer space or in-room equipment required.
  • Reduce power usage by up to 40%.
  • Eliminate additional heat load from auxiliary equipment such as fans.
  • No piping of primary or secondary refrigerants required.
  • Vastly simplified installation using air ducting only.
  • Improved safety through elimination of traditional refrigerants.


  • Rapid freezing and ultra-low temperature storage of fish and meat.  Particularly effective for tuna.
  • Vacuum freeze dry applications.
  • Rapid temperature reduction for industries such as pharmaceuticals and semi-conductors.
  • Chemical process cooling. Low temperature milling.
  • Pascal Air Brine Cooler Unit (405KBPDF document )


Pascal Air Technical Overview


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