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CO2 Ice Machine / ECONICE-P

‘Environmental friendly’ CO2 icemaking technology – Econice


Our ice-making system makes high-quality thick plate ice that is hard and as transparent as crystal. The machine wherein CO2 that has been indirectly cooled by a refrigeration system that keeps the amount of ammonia charged to an absolute minimum, is pumped to a heat exchanger for ice making. Since the CO2 is not mixed with any lubricant, there is no drop in performance caused by oil accumulating in the heat exchanger used for making ice.

Econice-P Specifications:

  • A standard lineup of ice-making systems capable of produce 3, 6, 9tons of ice a day
  • Refrigerant: Primary ammonia (R717), Secondary CO2 (R744)
  • The standard ice thickness: 15mm, Surface size: approx. 30 to 60mm x 60 to 100mm 

Where to use:

  • Maintaining the freshness of marine products
  • Cooling applications at food processing plants

ECONICE_P Brochure(682KB PDF document )