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Reciprocating Compressors


The MYCOM K-series compressor is another addition to the family of world renowned MYCOM reciprocating refrigeration equipment.  The K-series is competitively priced and suitable for both industrial and commercial refrigeration applications, insuring dependability, long life and low operation and maintenance costs.

Available as bareshaft and package.


  • Open type reciprocating
  • Compact design, lighter and smaller than any other compressors of its kind.
  • Multi-step capacity control (energy saving)
  • Four models available, 2-cylinder (2K), 4-cylinder (4K), 6-cylinder (6K), 8-cylinder (8K)
  • Displacement at max. speed 159.3m³/hr – 318.6m³/hr

K-series Reciprocating Compressor (1.5MBPDF document)