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Screw Compressors

MYCOM V-series screw compressor by Mayekawa Australia.


Industry benchmark range of flooded oil screw compressors, variable Vi (slide valve) and 30% – 100% capacity control and economizer (optional).

Available as bareshaft or package.


  • Models 160 (415m3/hr) to 400 (11500m3/hr)
  • Cast iron casing (cast steel available as option)
  • Variable Vi, internal volume ratio settings 2.63 (L), 3.65 (M) and 5.8 (H)
  • Capacity control, 10% to 100% (continuous running 30% – 100%)
  • Max. discharge temperature 90° C

SCV-series Screw Compressor (1.3MBPDF document)

SU Screw Compressor Package Brochure (6MBRWTA presentation by Mayekawa Australia PDF document)