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Ammonia Heat Pumps

Ammonia Heat Pumps

Ammonia Heat Pump 1Mayekawa offers a range of ammonia (NH3) heat pumps offering high quality hot water up to 85°C.  Available as reciprocating and screw compressor packages these units can act as standalone units using a waste water or geothermal heat source, or can be integrated into an existing refrigeration system as a heat recovery application.


  • Cut energy costs & reduce CO2 footprint
  • Natural refrigerant NH3 (Ammonia)
  • Screw and reciprocating packages available
  • Ammonia and Water Heat Source available
  • Hot water up to 85°C
  • COP ranging from 2.5 to 6 (depending on application conditions)


Plus+HEAT – Water Heat Source Heat Pump (441KBPDF document)

Plus+HEATKai – Ammonia High Stage Heat Pump (945KBPDF document)

Plus Heat Multi – Installation Example(315KBPDF document)