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unimo AWW – Air/Water Source Dual Mode CO2 Heat Pump

CO2 Heat Pump – Hot Water / Hot Air

unimoAWW – Air/Water Source Dual Mode CO2 Heat Pump

  • A combination of unimoAW & unimoWW all in one machineunimoAWW
  • Efficiently generat high quality hot water
  • Cut energy costs by reducing or eliminating traditional water heating equipment
  • Reclaim waste energy or other renewable heat sources
  • automatically change heat source

unimoAWW air/water dual source heat pump is an industrial/commercial heat pump system that generate hot water and chilled water or hot water by recovering energy from renewable and waste heat source such as waste water from process, cooling water from conventional cooling tower or ground water/geothermal heat. The chilled water generats when cooling is required and the mode changes to air source when cooling is not required.  It uses CO2 (a natural refrigerant) instead of chemical refrigerants such as HCFC/HFC typically used in other heat pump systems.


  • Cut energy costs & reduce CO2 foorprint
  • No combustion, safe and eliminates NOx
  • Natural refrigerant  CO2 (ODP=0, GWP=1)
  • 70-100kW heating capacity (up to 90°C hot water)
  • 70 – 80kW cooling capacity (down to -9°C chilled water)
  • 25kW motor (combined COP <7.4)

unimoAWW(3.28RWTA presentation by Mayekawa Australia PDF document)