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Mayekawa Australia Presents at RWTA National Conference 2011

Newton 3000 ammonia (NH3) cardon dioxide (CO2) cascade refrigeration system
Newton 3000

The annual Refrigerated Warehouse and Transport Association National Conference 2011 was held at the Launceston Country Club Tasmania Thursday August 11 – Sunday August 14, 2011.

The hot button topic Energy Efficiency in Refrigeration took centre stage across numerous papers presented over the two focus days Friday and Saturday.

International speakers from the UK and the US together with local speakers from users, contractors and consulting engineers covered case studies and theoretical implications for cold storage energy efficiency.

Mayekawa Australia introduced case study material and technical overview for the NewTon 3000 NH3/CO2 cascade system (right) and air curtain Thermoshutter.

The introduction of these products blended very well with other speakers as issues such as:

  • Use of CO2 as a secondary refrigerant
  • Transition from R22 and other synthetic refrigerants
  • Compressor energy efficiency and advantages of using variable speed/frequency drives
  • Cold store efficiency relating to door efficiency
Thermoshutter high efficiency air curtain for cold storage

See Mayekawa Australia presentation below:
RWTA Conference 2011 (PDF 1.9MB) RWTA presentation by Mayekawa Australia PDF document
Videos of the effect on heat infiltration and chill leakage with Thermoshutter on and off for a coldstore at -25°C and 5°C outside/ante-room were in the presentation but are not in the PDF above.