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Mayekawa attended ATMOsphere Asia 2015

Mayekawa presented its heat recovery NH₃Heat Pump at ATMOsphere Asia 2015. ATMOsphere Asia focuses on how Natural Refrigerants could help sustain energy efficiency and reduce greenhouse gases in the Asian region including Australia and New Zealand. The event was held in Tokyo during the period of 3rd to 5th February, 2015.


Mayekawa New Zealand Regional Manager – Martin Millow explained how Mayekawa’s heat recovery NH₃Heat Pump advanced the meat industry in New Zealand. The presentation clarified how NH₃Heat Pump system generates useful hot water with possible COP’s in excess of 8.0 and the ongoing challenges we face to reduce carbon emissions. The NH₃hot water heat pump system offers an environmentally friendly and energy efficient example of useful hot water generation for many industries.


A seafood company in Korea spoke about Mayekawa’s air cycle freezing system “Pascal Air”; -60°C Tuna cold storage utilising the ultimate refrigerant “Air” and a bakery in Japan explained how the switch from a converted R22 refrigeration system to high efficient NH₃/CO₂ “NewTon+Freezer” system reduced energy consumption.





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