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Darwin Immigration Centre Installs Mayekawa Heat Pumps

In a first for Australia, Darwin local energy efficiency specialists Smart Hot Water installed four air heat source CO2 heat pumps ‘Unimo’ to supply the domestic and kitchen/mess hot water for the 1500 person facility.

With constant ambient temperatures of 30 – 35°C, using air as the heat source is a no brainer for the developers of the facility.

Project data:

  • Domestic hot water: 1500 residents
  • Kitchen/Mess facilities: 4500 meals/day
  • Design: Recirculated hot water for domestic and non-circulated hot water for kitchen/mess.
  • 4 off Unimo Air Heat Source heat pumps, each with 4000L (2 x 2000L) buffer tanks.
  • Hot water capacity/unit: 90 – 100kW (25kW motor), COP = 3.6 – 4.0
  • Voltage: 415V, Current: 29 – 34Amps