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CO2 Heat Pump – Hot Water / Hot Air / Dehumidifier

Mayekawa leads the world in industrial and heavy commercial application heat pumps from the compact CO2 transcritical heat pumps “unimo” series (aka EcoCute) to high powered heat recovery and renewal energy source heat pump packages, Mayekawa leads the way in energy saving and heat recovery solutions for heating and cooling.

Table of Contents

unimoAW – Air Source CO2 Heat Pump (Hot Water Supply)

Air-heat-source CO2 transcritical heat pump.

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unimoAWW – Air/Water Source Dual Mode CO2 Heat Pump

A combination of unimoAW & unimoWW all in one machine Efficiently generat …

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Eco Sirocco (Co2 Heat Pump Air Heater)

Industrial and commercial 120C* hot air supply NO combustion process in use …

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