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NewTon – NH3/CO2 Cooling System

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NewTon – NH3/CO2 Cooling System

NewTon 3000 cascade ammonia (NH3) with carbon dioxide (CO2) as secondary refrigerant.Designed for the replacement of Freon refrigeration plants, the NewTon range the culmination of new compressor, heat exchange and control technology driving higher efficiency and environmental sustainability.



  • NewTon responds to the HFC/HCFC phase out issue employing indirect cooling using CO2 with ammonia as the main refrigerant without any impact of ozone depletion and global warming.
  • The combination of high efficiency IPM motor and high-performance screw rotors uses 20% less power than the conventional systems.
  • Semi-hermetic ammonia screw – Mayekawa has eliminated the mechanical seal by using Mayekawa’s own semi-hermetic IPM motor.
  • The amount of NHstored in the facility is approximately 45% less than the conventional facilities. NH3 charge is 25-75kg.

NewTon Brochure (2.29MB PDF PDF document )


NewTon NH3/CO2 Cooling System Overview