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MYCOM GH-series high pressure screw compressor by MayekawaThe GH-series is an oil flooded type screw compressor for high discharge pressure applications. Boasting a working discharge pressure of up to 50 bar, the GH-series is suitable for applications such as fuel gas supply, low temperature CO2 refrigeration and ammonia heat pumps.

Available as bareshaft or package.


  • 50 bar discharge pressure (design pressure 60 bar)
  • Forged steel rotors
  • Tilting pad thrust bearings
  • Gases: Hydrocarbons, Helium, Hydrogen, CO2, NH3 and others.
  • Max. discharge temperature 100°C
  • Vi control
  • Displacement range 250 to 3800m3/hr

GH-series Screw Compressor (1.5MB PDF document)