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MYCOM M-series reciprocating compressorWith the power of Mayekawa’s research and development department we are pleased to introduce the new M-series reciprocating compressor. The M-series was created to combat current soaring energy costs with the ability to reduce kW consumption, while still providing the tonnage required. The M-series of reciprocating compressors will prove to be the most efficient reciprocating compressor in the global market place.

Available as bareshaft or compressor package.


  • Smaller machine, higher performance
  • Three models 4-cylinder (4M), 6-cylinder (6M), 8-cylinder (8M)
  • Displacement at max. speed: 617.6m3/hr to 1235.1 m3/hr
  • Suitable for Ammonia and Freon
  • Direct or Belt Drive

M-series Reciprocating Compressor (1.0MBPDF document)