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unimoAW – Air Source CO2 Heat Pump (Hot Water Supply)


  • Efficiently generate high quality hot water
  • Cut energy costs by reducing or eliminating traditional water heating equipment


unimoAW – air source heat pump is an industrial/commercial heat pump system that generates 65℃ or 90℃ hot water.  It uses CO2 (a natural refrigerant) instead of chemical refrigerants such as HCFC/HFC typically use in other heat pump systems.


  • Cut energy costs & reduce CO2 footprint
  • No combustion, safe and eliminates NOx.
  • Natural refrigerant CO2 (ODP=0, GWP=1)
  • 70 – 100kW heating capacity (up to 90°C hot water)
  • 25kW motor (COP of <4.2)

unimoAW( 1.6MBPDF document )